Chair, Department of Economics: Associate Professor Platania

Professors: J. Das, DeLoach, DiRienzo

Associate Professors: Barbour, M. Kurt, Lilly, Redington

Assistant Professors: Bednar, Greenland, Islam, Rouse, Strohush

Economics explores a broad range of questions about society and uses a variety of methods to answer those questions. The courses offered by the Department of Economics are designed to help students develop economic reasoning: a particular way of looking at the world that is useful in government service, business, the law and many other fields.

The goal of the economics faculty is to teach students to “think like an economist.” This goal is achieved within two flexible majors: economics and international economics. Within the economics major, our department has defined specific tracks that will help students apply their knowledge in a number of areas and help achieve their aspirations. While the tracks provide a suggested framework of classes for students with varied interests, a track is not required for either a major or a minor in economics. The financial economics track would apply if a student plans a future in finance or banking; the public policy track if the interest is in government service; the economic analysis track for those in market analysis; and the mathematical economics track for students interested in graduate school.

In addition to the economics major, the department offers a major in international economics. The overall goal of the international economics major is to extend the global reach of Elon by preparing students for careers in international policy making and research organizations. Students are prepared for entry level analyst jobs in international organizations by providing a program that combines Elon’s strengths in undergraduate research, world language and culture instruction, and study abroad.

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