Chair: Associate Professor Isaac

Professors: Boyle, Braye, Haskell, Kircher, Lyday, Myers, Peeples, Rosinski, Schwind, Warman

Associate Professors: Gordon, Hairston, Layne, Moore, Perry, Pope-Ruark, Pyne, Ramirez

Assistant Professors: Bourke, Li, Lindeman, Proudfit, Zinchuk

Senior Lecturer: Patch

Lecturers: Hlavaty, Lee, Strickland

Studies in English include literature, language and writing, as well as the practice of literary criticism and analysis, creative writing, rhetoric and the teaching of English in secondary schools. The English curriculum encourages majors to follow their talents and interests by focusing their studies in one of four distinct concentrations: literature, professional writing and rhetoric, creative writing or English teacher licensure. Additional options include double concentrations in the major and minors in literature and creative writing, along with interdisciplinary minors in professional writing and multimedia authoring. Students interested in the major have many opportunities to enrich their studies through internships, undergraduate research, study abroad, residential-learning, student-run publications and organizations.

Students with degrees in English pursue a variety of graduate studies and careers. Many Elon English majors proceed to postgraduate studies in English, creative writing, library science, journalism, education, law and other disciplines. Others move straight into professional careers in writing, editing, technical writing, business management, corporate communications, advertising, public relations, journalism and teaching.


With the exception of film studies courses, ENG 200 and ENG courses in the 220-79 and 320-79 range normally fulfill the Elon Core Curriculum literature requirement in Studies in Arts and Sciences.

English department courses in the 201-19 and 301-19 range (i.e., courses in language study, writing and creative writing) do NOT normally fulfill that requirement.

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