International Studies

Coordinator: Associate Professor Swimelar

Associate Coordinator: Associate Professor Matthews

Program Faculty

Professors: Basirico, Digre

Associate Professors: Giovanello, J. Kirk, Layne, Van Bodegraven, Windham, Winfield

Assistant Professor: Islam

Lecturer: Elgamal

The International Studies major provides students with an interdisciplinary program through which they can gain a broad knowledge of international affairs as well as expertise on one of the world’s regions. Study abroad experiences and world language study form integral parts of the program. Students, with the support of their advisors, have considerable freedom in designing their own program of study.

The major may form an attractive double major for students from a variety of disciplines, such as political science, history and world languages. It also might be profitably combined with many minors, including English, economics, religious studies and anthropology. It should provide an educational background for those seeking international affairs careers in government, nongovernmental organizations (development/humanitarian), travel and business.

International studies majors are required to study abroad for a semester. This requirement is designed to provide students with an in-depth, cross-cultural experience while encouraging them to strengthen their world language abilities.* Students should choose an area relevant to their regional concentrations (See below). Winter Term study abroad programs offer valuable international experiences and the courses can be counted within the major, but they will not satisfy the semester requirement. With the approval of the program coordinator, an extended summer study abroad program may satisfy the requirement. International (foreign) students satisfy the requirement through their studies at Elon. Under specific provisions of the major and with the program coordinator’s approval, up to 20 semester hours of study abroad coursework can be counted toward the major. There may be GPA and other requirements to participate in study abroad programs.

* Students can apply for merit and need-based scholarships for studying abroad through the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center.

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