Leadership Studies

Coordinator: Associate Professor Ward-Johnson

The Leadership Studies minor is designed to expose students to theories and practices of leadership across disciplinary boundaries, and to shape students’ definitions of leadership so that they understand it at the interchange of vision and action. As the core definition of leadership is simply the process of influencing others towards achieving a goal, students examine this social process as it occurs in various situations and settings ranging from the very formal and large-scale (e.g., military or political leaders) to the very informal and small-scale (e.g., small work groups or families). Central to the minor are examining the guiding ethical principles and value systems that accompany leadership roles in all of these settings, as well as providing students with practical leadership skills and encouraging in them an understanding of and appreciation for leadership as a focus of academic inquiry and research.

Leadership Studies minors come from all disciplines, from business to performing arts and everything else in between. Accompanying Elon’s mission to prepare students for successful and satisfying careers and lives is the goal of preparing students to create positive change in their worlds. As such, this minor is a fitting complement to any major, regardless of a student’s prior experience in leadership or lack thereof.

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