The goals of this course seek to expand the participant's awareness and appreciation of ecotourism as a means of exploring cultural diversity and contributing to international exchange as well as to study the environmental issues facing Australia. Participants in this course will learn to understand the differences between ecotourism and traditional commercial tourism. Additionally, students will compare and contrast principles of ecotourism as seen from participating in a number of outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, canyoning, abseiling and snorkeling with various outfitters. Lectures and study will focus on environmental issues in Australia and the importance of ecotourism as a means of protecting natural resources, maintaining the cultural integrity of indigenous communities and supplying a sustainable income to the economy.. Application and acceptance required. Additional travel fee is required. Counts toward Society requirement, and satisfies one unit of experiential learning toward fulfillment of the Experiential Learning Requirement.


4 sh


GBL 153

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