To really know Australia, it is necessary to understand the Indigenous people in relationship to Euro-Australians' interests, both past and present. The Indigenous people of Australia have created the longest continuing cultural tradition in the world today, surviving for 60 thousand years. This course emphasizes the traditional, colonial, and contemporary experiences of the First Australian people through the socio-cultural imagination. Through lectures, field trips, directed self-learning, and hands-on activities, students will explore important issues of the Nyoongar people of West Australia's quest for equality and cultural survival. Cross-listed with SOC/ANT 253 IS. Application and acceptance required. Additional travel fee is required. Counts toward Civilization or Society requirement, and satisfies one unit of experiential learning toward fulfillment of the Experiential Learning Requirement. Counts as an elective for Anthropology or Sociology majors or minors.


4 sh


GBL 156.

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