This Winter Term service-learning Costa Rica course includes several service projects, including: helping in various community schools, working on a farm reserve, helping village families in Sierrepe and much, much more! Having Spanish language skills will be helpful. Students are encouraged to take Spanish classes from the Spanish department or from El Centro prior to the course in January. It should be noted that this is a physically demanding course that takes place in a remote place with potentially challenging conditions. Although no prior experience or training is necessary, students will be expected to hike, kayak, walk and generally be outdoors. It is important that students be in good health and physically fit. Goals of the course include increasing environmental awareness and an understanding of the complexities of sustainability, developing a habit of mind that considers the commons (nature, community and culture) when making decisions and solving problems, and providing students with an opportunity to take the road less traveled with an end gain of a transformation of self. This is an approved service-learning course. Application and acceptance required. Additional travel fee is required. Counts toward Society requirement, and satisfies one unit of experiential learning toward fulfillment of the Experiential Learning Requirement. Counts as an elective for the Latin American Studies minor.


4 sh


GBL 168.

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