This series of courses involves careful monitoring of students in either a part-time or full-time work experience. Students apply classroom theory in a job related to their major/minor/career objectives. Prerequisite: admission to the program. The Cooperative Education Work Experience program enables qualified students to combine classroom theory with professional work experience while completing their degrees. The student may work full-time or part-time with an employer approved by the university.

Evaluation is based on reported job performance and student reflection on that performance through papers, journals, seminars, class presentations and readings. Contact the Director of Experiential Education/Director of Internships for more information.


1-16 sh


Sophomore, junior or senior standing; minimum 2.0 GPA; approval of faculty/Internship Director. COE 310 class recommended.


Credit hours are based on the number of hours worked during the term - a maximum of 16 semester hours of internship/cooperative education credits may be applied to the 132 semester hours required for the A.B. and B.S. degrees.

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