Costs Covered by Tuition

Included in the tuition fees are costs of registration, use of the library and recreational facilities, admission to home athletic events, admission to campus cultural events, student publications, post office box, regular laboratory fees and 12 to 18 semester hours of work, inclusive each semester.

The tuition, fees and estimated book expenses do not include fees for special courses and special laboratory work which depend on the course of study undertaken. Personal expenses vary with the individual student. For the student who must earn money toward his/her university expenses, a number of work opportunities are available through the Office of Career Services.

Students may take up to four (4) semester hours during Winter Term with no additional tuition charged provided that the student is full time during fall semester. (Students attending winter abroad will have separate trip costs charged to them). Students who do not attend Winter Term are only credited meal plan amounts not used during this time. Students who are not full time during the fall semester and register for winter courses will be charged winter tuition, which is calculated by the hour. If a student is full time for the following spring semester, then the full amount of the winter tuition (up to four hours) is credited to the student account.

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