General Costs

The cost of attending Elon University is purposely held at a reasonable level. The chart on the following pages gives the particular charges for resident and commuter students. Please note that there are special tuition rates for part-time students.

All students are reminded that payment of tuition and fees is your responsibility. Billing statements are available online at This site allows you to view bills and make payments 24 hours a day. Fall semester bills are posted the first of July and always due the first Friday in August. Spring semester bills are posted the first of December and always due the first Friday in January. Students not paid in full by registration day may have their class schedule deleted.

Payment of tuition bills with Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards will be assessed a 2.75% convenience fee. Visa credit/debit cards are not accepted as payment for the tuition bills. To avoid the fee, use online check/ACH, personal checks, wire transfers or other payment options. If you have questions, contact the Bursar’s office at 877-729-3566 or

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