Section I: The Honor System

Responsibility for maintaining the honor of the community rests with each individual member. Only if every member assumes responsibility for personal and group integrity and civility will the community best meet the developmental needs of its members. Each person must examine, evaluate and regulate their own behavior to be consistent with the expectations of the Elon community.

A. The Elon Honor Code

Elon University recognizes and affirms the importance of character development and personal responsibility as essential elements of an Elon education. Students are expected to uphold the four values listed below for themselves and others in their decisions and day-to-day interactions. Conduct affirming these four values should be followed in all settings, including in and out of the classroom, on- and off-campus, and in all domestic and international sites during study abroad or course-related study experiences. Upon graduation, students are expected to have demonstrated their commitment to academic excellence and honor.

B. Honor Code Values(A description of the Elon University community values)

Every member of Elon University has the right to live and learn in an atmosphere of trust and support. Responsibility for maintaining these values in our community rests with each individual member. Values that promote this atmosphere include:

HONESTY: Be truthful in your academic work and in your relationships.


INTEGRITY: Be trustworthy, fair and ethical.


RESPONSIBILITY: Be accountable for your actions and your learning.


RESPECT: Be civil. Value the dignity of each person. Honor the physical and intellectual property of others.

C. Elon’s Honor Pledge

“On my honor, I will uphold the values of Elon University: honesty, integrity, responsibility, and respect.”

The honor pledge is an abbreviated form of the honor code. Students sign the honor pledge when they join the Elon community to publicly affirm their intent to behave according to the values of the Elon community. They also sign this pledge on papers, tests, assignments and other documents when requested. The honor code is printed on signs in classrooms and residence halls throughout campus.

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