This course aims to provide students with insight on how modern industry is adopting new emerging media and technology as marketing tools. In this course, many innovative and evolutionary technologies/media will be introduced, such as blogs, mobile media, in-game advertising, virtual reality, hologram, touchscreen, social media, information kiosk in retail setting, including evolved formats of traditional media (e.g., digital outdoor media). This course includes e-buyer behavior, theoretical understandings, and case studies describing how diverse new media/technologies are adopted in business. In addition, this course will deal with ethical issues that can be found in the adoption of these diverse emerging media from the perspectives of both consumers and practitioners. The ultimate goal of this course is to familiarize students with the vocabulary/concepts, to teach practical knowledge from actual examples of technological adoptions, and finally to provide students with more future-oriented perspectives in understanding marketing strategies.


MKT 311


Spring and Summer

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