The Curriculum

Students who choose the Elon M.S. in Management program are able to complete the required course work at their own pace. Students can finish the 33 hours of graduate credit in one year by attending on a full-time schedule. Those who attend on a part-time schedule may take up to two or three years. The program is very flexible, allowing you choose your own timetable according to your particular needs and circumstances.

Accounting and Finance Preparation

The M.S. in Management program requires that all students demonstrate adequate preparation in accounting and finance prior to enrolling in the core M.S. in Management accounting and finance courses. Satisfaction of this requirement can be demonstrated in one of two ways:

One could be evidence of prior undergraduate coursework in accounting and/or finance. To be acceptable, such coursework should have been completed within five years of entering the M.S. in Management program. Students with prior coursework must also pass qualifying exams in accounting or finance.

Students also can successfully complete foundation classes, usually taken at the undergraduate level, in accounting and/or finance. Such foundation classes can be taken at Elon or at some other approved institution. Approval to take the course elsewhere must be granted by the M.S. in Management program.

Graduate Courses

Core Courses: 18 sh

MScM 521Economic Policy and the Global Environment

3 sh

MScM 531Accounting for Managerial Decisions

3 sh

MScM 541Marketing Management

3 sh

MScM 551Financial Management

3 sh

MScM 562Management & Organizational Behavior

3 sh

Organizational Systems

Students select from one of the following two courses:

MScM 561Advanced Operations and Supply Chain

3 sh

MScM 565Project Management

3 sh

Organizational Analytics: 15 sh

MScM 567Analytics I: Quantitative Methods

3 sh

MScM 568Analytics II: Spreadsheet Decision Making

3 sh

MScM 569Analytics III: Business Data Mining

3 sh

MScM 566Analytics IV: Programming Basics

3 sh

MScM 595Special Topics: Data Visualization

3 sh

Corporate Communications: 15 sh

COM 512Organizational Communications

3 sh

COM 522Reputation Management

3 sh

COM 532Corporate Presentation and Writing

3 sh

COM 542Global and Intercultural Communications

3 sh

COM 552Corporate Communications Capstone

3 sh

Class Schedule and Course Load

All core business classes, as well as courses in the Organizational Analytics and Corporate Communications concentrations, are taught in the evenings.

Each class meets one evening per week for 10 weeks (fall, winter, spring). Students may enroll in up to four courses per semester.

Two 5-week semesters are also offered each summer. During the two summer semesters, classes are scheduled for Monday and Thursday evenings. Core courses and some concentration classes will be available in the summer.

Elon in Research Triangle Park

Elon MBA and M.S. in Management classes are also offered at the Elon Research Triangle Park (RTP) location. These classes are held at The Solution Center, located off the Page Road exit of Interstate 40 in the RTP. The RTP location offers all Elon MBA and M.S. in Management business courses. Classes will be offered in a face-to-face classroom setting by the same Elon University faculty that teach on the Elon campus. The emphasis remains on small class sizes, engaged learning and focus on the transfer of course content to practical application. The cost is the same as on-campus courses. No separate application is needed to attend classes at The Solution Center. You are not locked into attending classes at either location. For maximum flexibility, students can take classes at either location.

Program Mission and Goals

The mission of the M.S. in Management program is to offer a professional graduate degree that combines a foundation in management with a mix of concentrations that serves students from varied educational backgrounds and prepares them for successful careers in a wide variety of organizations.

The M.S. in Management program seeks to satisfy several, complementary goals:

  • Create an attractive 4+1 graduate professional degree that will prove appealing to students from the Arts and Sciences and professional schools.
  • Combine a mix of business fundamentals and selected concentrations that will be attractive to a wide variety of hiring organizations, profit and not-for-profit, leading to employment opportunities both domestically and abroad.
  • Build on the university’s strengths in undergraduate education with graduate programs that provide opportunity for our graduates to continue their education at Elon.

The Faculty

The faculty of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business and the School of Communications have a well-earned reputation for their enthusiasm in bringing their knowledge and experience to the classroom. They have earned postgraduate degrees from some of the finest schools in the country. They have varied executive experience with large and small, well-established and entrepreneurial firms, and manufacturing, service, scientific and financial organizations. Therefore, they bring to the classroom a mixture of practical and theoretical experience and training, assuring their students an exposure to many viewpoints and many methods of approaching business problems.

The faculty are theorists, practitioners and teachers. They are engaged in research and actively consult with business and industrial firms. All, however, put teaching and serving the students first. Research and consulting are pursued to improve effectiveness in the classroom, not as ends in themselves.

Elon’s classes are small and faculty members are accessible. This atmosphere of personal attention, combined with dedication to teaching and reasonable cost, sets the M.S. in Management program apart from others.


Reasonable cost is one of the benefits of the M.S. in Management program. Tuition is priced well within reach of both full- and part-time students. In addition, Elon offers a deferred payment plan for fall, winter, and spring semesters, and loans are available. Please see Forms of Financial Assistance for Graduate Students.

Graduate tuition (per credit) $909
Late payment $30
Late registration/re-enrollment during term $25
Payment plan fee $10
Returned check fine $25
Transcripts $8
Auditing (per course) $270

Grades, diplomas and transcripts will be withheld until a student’s financial obligations to the university are settled.

A student cannot register for further coursework until financial obligations to the university are paid.


Fall, winter and spring terms

Tuition and fees are refunded on a pro rata basis during the first six weeks of the semester. Any part of a week will be considered as a full week for all pro rata charges.

1st week pro rata charge 5%
2nd week pro rata charge 20%
3rd week pro rata charge 40%
4th week pro rata charge 60%
5th week pro rata charge 75%
6th week no refund

Summer Sessions

In the summer sessions, enrollment dropped by 4 p.m. on the days listed below will warrant the corresponding refund:

1st day of class 100%
2nd day of class 90%
3rd day of class 50%
4th, 5th, 6th day of class 25%
7th day of class no refund

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