For the last 70 years Japan has been the most important and integral ally of the United States in Asia. It is a unique culture which has created a vibrant economy and an innovative business environment that has become a global force to be contended with in the fields of technology and manufacturing. This course will investigate the modern-day complexities rooted in the ancient historical past in the land of the Rising Sun. It is aimed at understanding how international trade, business and economic activity influence culture, politics, wealth, and society across this region and the world. While the primary focus remains Japan, there is no shying away from the Asia Pacific region and the similarities and differences shared with China in Hong Kong. The history and economic development of both these countries have been intertwined and though their paths appear similar, they have often forged ahead in different directions. This course travels to Japan and Hong Kong, China where students will be visiting universities and business to learn more about China and contrast it with their experiences in Japan. This is an amazing opportunity to compare and contrast two dynamic cultures and countries that have been in the forefront of economic development since the 1950s. Application and acceptance required. Additional travel fees

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