In today’s market, firms rarely compete as sole entities, but rather rely on a network of partnerships with other firms to create maximum value to end consumers and create maximum profitability within the supply chain.  Logistics plays an important role in supply chain management. It is the role of logistics to deliver the correct quantity of products to the end user in timely and effective manner and control the costs associated with this function. 

This course uses a systems approach to analyze and understand issues in modern logistics. The role of logistics in strategic, tactical, and operational contexts will be examined. Specific topics to be covered include inbound and outbound transportation management, transportation routing, network and location design, warehousing, and logistics and supply chain information systems. A module concerning purchasing issues, including the use of analytic tools for supplier evaluation and purchasing decision making will also be covered in this course. 


4 sh


MKT 311 or MKT 430 for the Supply Chain Management Minor.


Offered spring.


This course is required for the Supply Chain Management Minor and counts as an elective for the Marketing Major, Professional Sales Minor.

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