This class is a studio design course in which students explore all aspects of costuming for dance including the history, the present and considerations of the future of dance costuming. Techniques to illustrate dance design so that student will be able to convey their ideas will be examined. Choreographed pieces will be reviewed for their existing designs, deconstruction of the design and exploration of other design options. We will look at the effectiveness and importance of costuming for dance within the choreographic process and discuss the collaborative process of artists in the field of dance. In addition to design work, students will look at techniques which are specific to producing dance costumes. We will look at the usage of fabric, texture, color, and line, as well as how costumes should be cut/draped/and sewn specifically to dance. This course will be geared to students who have an interest or background in dance and/or an interest or background in design. Students will be expected to explore outside of their comfort zones. 


4 sh

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