Phoenix Card

The Phoenix Card is the official Elon University student ID. The Phoenix Card is designed to make your experience at Elon University more enjoyable by providing many services through a single card. Your Phoenix Card allows the use of campus facilities, and provides safe, easy access to university services and events. The Phoenix Cash account is a debit account to which students may add funds. These funds can be used on and off campus. Students can make a deposit to their Phoenix Card (Phoenix Cash account or Food Dollars account) anytime by using one of the following methods:

Credit card deposits can be made using

Cash, check and credit card deposits are accepted in the Phoenix Card Office, Oaks McCoy Commons 201, 8:00am-5:00pm

Cash deposits can be made at the Value Transfer Station (VTS) in Belk Library and Moseley Center.

Each student should carry his/her ID card (The Phoenix Card) at all times. Students may not lend their card to anyone else. Permitting another person to use a card or using someone else's card violates university policy and may be adjudicated through the student conduct office. Cards used improperly will be confiscated and will only be returned after a conference held with the manager of Phoenix Card Services.  Student conduct charges may be filed.

Should the student lose his/her Phoenix Card, the loss should be reported to the (Oaks McCoy Commons 201) as soon as possible. There is a $25 replacement fee to receive a new card.

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