Religious Studies Minor


Minor Requirements

Select one course numbered 100-176: 4 sh


4 sh

REL 112Religion and Power

4 sh

REL 120Magic

4 sh

REL 121Religion and Rock & Roll

4 sh

REL 131Jewish Biblical Literature in Context

4 sh

REL 132Early Christian Literature in Context

4 sh

REL 141African Gods

4 sh

Choose sixteen semester hours of REL electives: 16 sh

At least twelve semester hours must be at the 300-400 level.

At least one 400-level course is recommended.

Course Outcomes

Students will demonstrate their ability to think critically about the socially constructed nature of that which can be categorized as “religious.”

Students will recognize and describe breadth and diversity within particular constructions of religion.

Students will recognize and explain ways in which “religion” has cultural, political, and economic significance and/or ways in which cultural, political, and economic phenomena have religious significance.

Total Credit Hours: 20

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