International and Global Studies Minor

The International and Global Studies Minor at Elon University provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to the critical study of global issues and globalization more generally. Through their foundational required courses, students will gain an understanding of the different perspectives and approaches to global studies, as well as knowledge about international relations and world history.  Students then have an option to focus their minor in three possible areas - courses focused on global issues and phenomena (covering multiple regions); courses focused on one region of the world; or courses focused on a world language, literature, and culture.  Students are highly encouraged to study abroad for a semester.

A minor in International and Global Studies requires the following:

A minor in International and Global Studies requires the following:


4 sh


4 sh

Twelve semester hours based on the program of study for the International and Global Studies major: 12 sh

Choose one of the following options:

a. A regional concentration

b. The global studies field

Students choosing this track are required to take IGS 250 in addition to 8 other credits of courses among the 'global studies' electives. 

c. World language study

Students are strongly encouraged to include a relevant study abroad experience. With the approval of the program coordinator, a maximum of 12 semester hours of study abroad credits can be counted toward the minor.

Total Credit Hours: 20

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