This course is designed to provide declared business majors with guided reflective writing assignments, while gaining hands-on, work experience. Students will work in approved internships to confirm or clarify career goals, test what they have learned in their classes, gain a clearer sense of what they still need to learn and build their professional network. Students systematically evaluate themselves and the organization in which they work over the course of the term to focus on the potential fit between a student's individual strengths/interests and the organization's environment and culture.


1-2 sh


Required second year standing with a minimum of 45 credit hours earned or permission of instructor.


The work experience must be completed during the term that the course is registered. See Business Internship Requirements for more information on the Porter Family Professional Development web page. *Retroactive registration for a past internship experience will not be approved and BUS 381 course credit will not be awarded.

Course Types

Experiential Learning Requirement; Internship


  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Summer

Previous Course Number

BUS 381


The internship course is managed and monitored by the LSB internship director and one credit hour is based on at least 80 work hours. Course is repeatable for credit. If seeking grade replacement, student is required to notify internship director. Grade replacement is determined on a case by case basis through the LSB Dean's Office.

Course Outcomes

  1. Gain practical, hands on work experience that connects with their major/academic discipline
  2. Reflect on their professional development goals throughout the internship experience
  3. Acquire knowledge of the industry and build professional network
  4. Develop and refine oral and written communication skills

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