This course focuses on the process of transforming data from its raw state into a form that is usable for advanced business analytics. The students will explore the Data Understanding and Data Preparation phases of the data mining process, in depth. They will learn to gather, clean and organize data so that it is ready for Data Mining and more advanced business analytics. Students will also learn to query information from databases. Those seeking more information on database theory, creation and management are encouraged to take CSC 3211: Database Systems.


4 sh


MGT 3100 is a required prerequisite to ensure students have a basic understanding of Python, Jupyter notebooks and the foundational elements of analytics prior to starting this class.


Fall, Spring


  • Fall
  • Spring

Previous Course Number

MGT 411


This course serves as an in-depth examination of data gathering, cleaning, processing and transforming. Data manipulation is a key part of business analytics and one that analysts spend much of their time on. Advanced SQL and Python are taught to service these needs.

Course Outcomes

  1. 1. Students will learn the core concepts in data management and data structures.
  2. 2. Students will learn how to use Python and SQL for data manipulation, transformation and analysis tasks.
  3. 3. Students will interact with common data file types, understand their differences and advantages.
  4. 4. Students will learn how to use Python to gather data through web scraping and APIs.

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