DPT 6123 Clinical Reasoning and Therapeutic Exercise III

Clinical Reasoning and Therapeutic Exercise is a 5-course series provides students with ongoing opportunities to apply and integrate the principles of clinical reasoning and therapeutic exercise. By practicing challenging clinical skills in a supportive environment, students progressively increase their ability to engage in effective, patient-centered skills across the life span.

Clinical Reasoning and Therapeutic Exercise III is the third course in this series.  The course is designed to develop the student’s skills and abilities to perform the interview and examination, generate a physical therapy diagnosis, prescribe and perform appropriate interventions, and to document and communicate effectively through use of a clinical reasoning process and an evidence-informed decision making model. Using written case scenarios of patients presenting with neuromusculoskeletal complaints and working individually and in small groups, the student will perform the examination on a peer, generate a diagnosis and then justify, prescribe and perform appropriate physical therapy interventions based on the synthesis of examination findings and analysis of current best evidence. Examination and intervention skills discussed in lectures and labs in DPT 616, DPT 617, and DPT 618 will be applied to patient/client case scenarios.





Unsatisfactory course grade—No remediation; must repeat course in cycle. Re-enroll and retake course next year. WILL NOT CONTINUE IN THE CURRICULUM. WILL DELAY GRADUATION from the program.

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