Fellows Program and Scholarship Committee

Correct as of August 18, 2016

Y25B Advisory Committee

Office Member Member's Department Description of Position Selection Method (See list below) Voting Member Term Length Term Years

Lisa Keegan
Admissions Dean of Admissions, or designee ex-officio Yes - -
Co-Chair Zaire McCoy Admissions Assistant Dean of Admissions ex-officio Yes - -

Pat Murphy Financial Planning Associate Dean of Admissions and Director of Financial Planning ex-officio Yes - -

Tim Peeples
Provost's Office Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, or designee ex-officio Yes - -

Melanie May
Associate Director of Admissions/Fellows Data Coordinator

Directors of Fellows Programs

Steven Mencarini Leadership Director of Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows Program ex-officio Yes - -

Tina Das Economics Director of Business Fellows Program ex-officio Yes - -

Tom Mould Sociology Director of Honors Fellows Program ex-officio Yes - -
  Lucinda Austin
Communications Associate Director of Honors Fellows Program
 ex-officio Yes

Naeemah Clark Communications Director of Communications Fellows Program ex-officio Yes - -

Nancy Harris Biology/ CAS Director of Elon College Fellows Program ex-officio Yes - -

Linda Niedziela Biology Director of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Fellows ex-officio Yes - -

Nina Namaste English Director of Elon College Arts and Humanities Fellows ex-officio Yes - -

Jason Kirk Political Science Director of Elon College Social Science Fellows ex-officio Yes - -

Jeffrey Carpenter Education Director of Teaching Fellows Programs ex-officio Yes - -

Sirena Hargrove-Leak
Director of Engineering Program

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