J. Disciplinary Records, Retention and Reporting

The Office of Student Conduct maintains all student conduct files (paper and electronic formats) for matters involving code of conduct violations.  Files are maintained separate from academic transcripts, but are considered educational records subject to the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and University policy. As such, Student Conduct may disclose information related to student conduct records to Elon University officials with legitimate educational interests.  All student conduct files are maintained as required by law and/or university policy (generally seven years).


A student wishing to view his or her conduct file should contact the Office of Student Conduct to schedule an appointment. Federal law requires that the requested file be reviewed and information regarding any other student be redacted. The requesting student will be permitted to view his or her prepared file, but will not be allowed to copy, take pictures, or otherwise record the documents.


With appropriate permission from the student, code of conduct violations resulting in sanctions of Disciplinary Suspension or Permanent Separation will be reported externally or outside the University (such as transfer applications, graduate schools, employers, or licensing agencies) for five years from the date of the incident.


With appropriate permission by the student, code of conduct violations resulting in sanctions of Suspension in Abeyance or Disciplinary Probation will be reported externally during the probationary period.  Following the probationary period, code of conduct violations will not be reported externally unless required by law. 


Code of conduct violations resulting in sanctions of Official Warning, Academic Censure or Reprimand will not be reported to external third parties unless required by law. 


Charges of code of conduct violations or assigned sanctions that remain unresolved at the time a student leaves or withdraws from the University may be kept indefinitely and reported externally. Once resolved, these records are kept and maintained according to the policies stated above.


Any response to a request for student disciplinary records will include a statement explaining the University’s policy regarding retention and reporting of disciplinary records.


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