Student Media Board

Correct as of August 15, 2018

Y25H Advisory Committee

Office Member Member's Department Description of Position

Selection Method

(See list below)



Term Length Term Years

Bob Frigo
Student Life Assistant or Associate Dean of Students 3 Yes - -

Kenn Gaither Communications Associate Dean of Communications 4 Yes - -

Christopher Waters Technology Chief Information Officer, or designee ex-officio Yes - -
Chair Brooke Barnett Provost's Office Associate Provost for Academic Affairs ex-officio No* - -
  Colin Donohue
Communications Director of Student Media

Owen Covington University Communications Director of University Communications, or designee ex-officio No - -

(* May vote only to break a tie)

Full-Time Permanent Teaching Faculty Members or Support Staff with Faculty Rank

(No more than two faculty from any department. Faculty advisors to the media are ineligible)

Year One (Group A)

Jane O'Boyle Communications Faculty Member (#1) 1 Yes 2 years 2018-2020

Sana Haq Communications Faculty Member (#2) (from Communications)
1 Yes 2 years 2018-2020

Year Two (Group B)

Chrystal Carpenter Library Faculty Member (#3)
1 Yes 2 years 2017-2019

Student Members

(Editors or managers of campus media are ineligible)

Jack Norcross
Student Member (#1) 2 Yes 2 years 2018-2020

Sofia Montalbo
Student member (#2) 2 Yes 2 years 2017-2019

Joshua Scovern
Student member (#3) 2 Yes 2 years 2017-2019

Methods of Selection for this Committee:

1 = Appointed by the Provost/EVP

2 = Appointed by SGA President with SGA approval

3= Appointed by Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students

4= Appointed by the Dean of Communications

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