Earning Two Undergraduate Degrees

A student may earn more than one undergraduate degree either consecutively or concurrently in relation to another undergraduate degree provided the degrees are not alike, e.g., not two A.B.s or two B.S.s, etc.

A student must meet the following requirements:

  1. earn a minimum of 154 total credit hours, including a minimum of 56 hours at the 300/400 level
  2. complete the 56 hours of common core to be used toward both degrees
  3. meet all degree and university graduation requirements for both degree programs.
  4. earn a minimum of 80 semester hours at Elon.

Students may not earn the same major in multiple degree categories (AB and BS in Chemistry, AB and BFA in Theatre, etc. Additionally, a student who has met graduation requirements for one degree may participate in the commencement activities for that degree and continue on at Elon to earn the second degree.

Students who have completed the requirements for both degrees but have not satisfied the 154 minimum credit hours or 56 hour minimum at the 300-400 level, will receive only one baccalaureate degree. Students in this situation must choose the degree to be conferred. Completed majors will be posted to the transcript.

Once a student has completed all requirements for the second degree, he/she must reapply for graduation in order for the Registrar’s Office to confirm completion of requirements and order the diploma.

Student may not participate in more than one commencement ceremony. Students completing multiple degrees at the same time will be awarded multiple diplomas at the time of commencement.

Students who qualify for more than one major must select the primary major for which they will receive a bachelor’s degree.

It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with the preceding requirements for graduation.

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