Academic Service-Learning Faculty Advisory Committee


Membership List Y27T.

Areas of Committee Concern

The Academic Service-Learning Faculty Advisory Committee is concerned with all aspects of academic service-learning.


  • Academic Service-Learning Faculty Development Fellow
  • Director of the Kernodle Center for Service-Learning and Community Engagement
  • Faculty members who teach service-learning courses including at least one from each of the professional schools and three representing the three branches of the College of Arts and Sciences (Arts/Humanities, Science/Math, Social Sciences)
  • Civic Engagement Faculty Fellow
  • Academic Coordinator of Civic Engagement Scholars
  • Director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
  • One administrator with faculty rank who teaches service-learning courses

Policies and Procedures

The committee meets as needed in the fall and spring semesters


  • To make recommendations regarding policies and programs to advance service-learning and enhance its quality across the campus
  • To assist in planning and implementing academic-service learning events
  • To set standards for service-learning course designation and evaluate course proposals for designation
  • To select students and/or faculty for relevant awards
  • To participate in strategic planning as it pertains to academic service-learning
  • To conduct institution level assessment of student learning outcomes for the academic service-learning program
  • To advise the Director of the Kernodle Center and the Academic Faculty Development Fellow for Service-Learning in their respective roles

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