Lumen Prize Advisory Committee


Membership List Y35A.

Areas of Committee Concern

The Lumen Prize Advisory Committee is concerned with the monitoring and implementation of the Lumen Prize program.


  • Lumen Prize Director
  • Coordinator of National and International Fellowships, or his/her designee
  • Nine members of the teaching faculty, appointed for two-year terms by the Lumen Prize Director. Members will be selected from across the different schools into which the institution is organized.

Policies and Procedures

  • The committee meets at the beginning of each year to review the prior year’s activity and to establish objectives for the current.
  • The committee conducts ongoing business and addresses concerns as they arise via online meetings as appropriate.
  • Members of the committee serve as the core of the selection committee.


  • To review policies and procedures related to the selection of Lumen Scholars
  • To advise the Director on matters of program implementation and evaluation
  • To serve as a selection committee for the review of applications and the determination of prize recipients

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