Teacher Education Committee


Membership List Y34G.

Areas of Committee Concern

The Teacher Education Committee is concerned with:
  • Planning, developing, and administering a program for the education of teachers.
  • Engaging in continuous study of the teacher education program and making recommendations to the Curriculum Committee and/or the administration for any needed or desirable institutional policy changes with regard to teacher education.


  • Director of Teacher Education, chair
  • Eleven faculty members who serve as licensure program coordinators from each of the following areas: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, English, Spanish, Physical Education and Health, Mathematics, Middle Grades Education, Music, Science, Social Studies/History, and Special Education
  • Coordinator of Secondary and K-12 Programs
  • Director(s) of graduate programs
  • Education Department Chair
  • Director of Assessment and Accountability
  • Director of Education Outreach
  • Director of Teaching Fellows Program
  • Coordinator of Technology for Teacher Education
  • Two public school representatives, appointed by the Dean of the School of Education
  • Two non-voting teacher candidates, appointed by the Dean of the School of Education

Policies and Procedures

  • The committee meets as often as necessary (usually three or four times per semester) to carry out its duties.
  • The committee develops and supervises a system of selection, interviewing, and enrollment of students for admission to the teacher education program.
  • The committee determines standards to be met by students for the satisfactory completion of teacher education curricula.
  • The committee provides guidance for students who have been admitted to the teacher education program and for their advisors.
  • The committee makes decisions on committee business through normal parliamentary procedure and a majority vote of members present.
  • The Chair selects another committee member to record the minutes of the meetings.
  • The committee notifies the Department of Education and the subject area department (for secondary education majors) of a teacher education applicant's admission or rejection to the program.
  • The committee notifies the general faculty of any curricular or policy changes concerning teacher education through communication with the Curriculum Committee and/or the University administration.

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