Criteria for Evaluation of Teaching Faculty


  • Full-time teaching faculty at Elon University are evaluated annually according to the criteria listed below and by the guidelines found in the Statement of Professional Standards.
  • Teaching is given top priority. The second level of priority is contributions to the life of the University and professional activity. All criteria for evaluation are considered.
  • A teaching faculty member is not expected to be accomplished in all indicators to fully meet the criterion. The list of indicators under each criterion is not intended to be a set of requirements, nor is the list exhaustive.

For annual (Unit I and III) and midpoint (Midpoint Unit III, Post-Probationary Unit III, and Unit V) evaluations, and post-probationary Long Range Professional Development Review, a teaching faculty member is evaluated according to the expectations of rank currently held in addition to the criterion listed below. Teaching faculty members are expected to have met the standards of the promotional rank sought  before they apply for promotion in rank.

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