Professional Activity

Peer-reviewed scholarship, as defined in a document generated by the department and approved by a special ad hoc committee consisting of the Deans and a representative body of the teaching faculty to be appointed by Academic Council’s Committee on Committees, is a necessary but not sufficient condition for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor or Professor.

Other professional activities are also expected. These activities should promote the exchange of ideas and acquisition of knowledge that enrich one’s teaching and contribute to the advancement of learning in the profession at large. Indications of scholarly or artistic activity may be:

  • Participation in academic presentations, exhibitions and creative performances of a professional nature that are not defined as peer-reviewed scholarship
  • Grant proposal writing
  • Leadership roles in a professional organization related to one’s field
  • Research and experimentation, including that which involves undergraduate research associates
  • Consulting
  • Service as a judge of artistic or scholarly works (e.g., reviewer)
  • Faculty internships
  • Participation in workshops and seminars
  • Professional involvement with the community
  • Attendance at professional meetings and conferences

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