Promotion Decision for Associate Professor (Tenure Track)


The evaluation system for tenure track faculty applying for promotion involves six stages and follows the Schedule of Activities for Evaluation. The steps listed below duplicate the decision making in the tenure process .

Stage 1: involves the creation of a file consisting of material drawn from the faculty personnel file as well as additional information included by the candidate. When tenure and promotion are sought simultaneously, a single file will suffice for both reviews. The individual candidate is responsible for seeing that the file is in finished form by September 15 so that the process may proceed to stage two.

Stage 2: involves the separate evaluation of this file by the respective Deans and by the Promotions and Tenure Committee. Each independently makes a recommendation regarding promotion and communicates that to the Provost/Executive Vice President.

Stage 3: involves the Provost/Executive Vice President holding one meeting of both the Promotions and Tenure Committee and the respective Dean to discuss their independent recommendations and rationales.

Stage 4: involves a recommendation on promotion by the Provost/Executive Vice President to the President.

Stage 5: involves a recommendation on promotion by the President of the University to the Board of Trustees.

Stage 6: involves personnel decisions made by the Board of Trustees on promotion recommendations.

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