Computing Sciences

Chair: Senior Lecturer Hollingsworth

Professor: Powell, Squire

Associate Professors: Duvall, Hutchings, Yap

Assistant Professor: Ajjan, Spurlock

Senior Lecturer: Kleckner

Adjuncts: Bryan

The Department of Computing Sciences at Elon University offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science, a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science, and minors in Computer Science and Information Science. Minors in Multimedia Authoring and Geographical Information Systems are also available.

Computer Science has changed and continually changes the way we live, work, play and learn. The discipline is constantly changing; the student must be able to communicate well and learn new concepts throughout life. The computer science program at Elon prides itself on staying at the forefront of the discipline. The program is rigorous, emphasizing problem solving and software development using state of the art concepts, software languages, software tools, algorithms and best practices. Students study programming languages, mobile computing, cloud computing, Web programming, algorithm analysis, design patterns, artificial intelligence, game programming, and high performance computing. Elon Computer Science graduates are presently working as application programmers, mobile application developers, Web developers, enterprise application developers, system analysts, software engineers, software project managers and consultants.

The Information Science discipline centers on using technology to solve a wide range of complex problems that involve capturing, analyzing, visualizing, and managing large sets of data. Every day more than 15 petabytes (15 quadrillion bytes) of data are generated around the world. Information scientists are concerned with creating intelligence from the data that can be used to solve complex problems like mapping the shrinking polar ice sheets, tracking the spread of infectious disease, understanding customer buying patterns, and helping people manage their health. The information science program at Elon teaches students to apply state-of-the-art tools and techniques for transforming a barrage of data into consistent, trusted, and relevant information that can provide insight and support decision making. The hands-on program provides a solid foundation in programming, data, interface design, and statistics. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, information science complements a variety of majors and minors.

Computing sciences students at Elon have excellent access to both faculty and equipment including a wide array of computer hardware and software. The latest versions of more than 50 software development tools are updated twice annually. Every computer is replaced every three years. Opportunities for various work and independent learning experiences that complement classroom learning are available. Other opportunities for involvement include participation in regional and local programming contests, and independent study and research. Graduates pursue employment in many areas of industry, business, education and government, as well as continuing study at the graduate levels.

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