Chair, Department of Performing Arts: Professor Rubeck

Professor: Kearns

Associate Professors: Formato, Sabo

Assistant Professor: Aryeh, Aumiller, Guy-Metcalf

Adjuncts: Marone, Medler, Tourek

The Department of Performing Arts offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and Choreography and a minor in Dance. The program provides students with a 21st century dance education with a focus on technical training, creative exploration, compositional skills, somatic knowledge, collaborative dance-making and multi-disciplinary performance. The dance program recognizes the importance of an individual’s interaction with the world as a whole person, not just as an artist. Dance artists and theorists are members of the global community, and as such, students are encouraged to explore wide-ranging interests and to find innovative ways to combine their in-depth dance studies with their experience as global citizens to further the field of contemporary dance. Students in the B.F.A. program have the opportunity, and are encouraged, to participate in internships and study abroad. An audition is required for the B.F.A. but not for the minor.

The B.F.A. is a 68 semester hour degree that requires intensive study in technique, composition, and theory, and is intended for the student who wishes to pursue a professional performance or creative career in dance. The degree also prepares the student to pursue an M.F.A., the terminal creative degree. Students are required to take 14 credit hours of ballet and modern technique with six credit hours of supplemental training in pointe, yoga, jazz, tap, world dance or special topics in dance. In addition, students must complete 32 semester hours in creative and theoretical courses, 12 credit hours of dance electives and four semester hours of performance. A senior project is required.

The minor in dance is designed for the general dance enthusiast. Students may not declare a minor in dance until they complete DAN 101. Students must complete 20 semester hours including introductory theory and performance followed by upper level electives.

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