Jewish Studies

Coordinator: Assistant Professor Claussen

The Jewish Studies minor at Elon explores the historical and contemporary experience of the Jewish people. Jewish Studies courses consider Jewish history, language and literature and the diversity of Jewish religious, cultural, philosophical and political traditions. These courses help students to understand the distinctive ideas and practices of the Jewish people, the ways in which Jewish ideas have influenced and have been influenced by other civilizations, the conditions under which Jews have been the victims of persecution, and the significance of the establishment of the State of Israel in the 20th century. The program encourages the study of Hebrew at Elon, and it offers a range of study abroad and internship opportunities.

The minor requires one course and a minimum of 16 additional semester hours in Jewish Studies. No more than 12 total credit hours from one department may count towards the minor. Students may count up to 12 credit hours toward minors in both Middle East Studies and Jewish Studies. Up to 12 credit hours of study abroad courses in Jewish Studies may count for the minor, as approved by the program coordinator.

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