Middle East Studies

Coordinator: Lecturer Elgamal

With its rich religious, historical and cultural diversity, the Middle East has long captured humanity’s imagination. Today the region’s strategic roles in global politics, conflict and economics command the world’s attention, inviting careful study and research. Elon’s Middle East Studies minor offers students an interdisciplinary program designed to promote a deeper understanding of regional issues and perspectives.

A minor in Middle East Studies requires 20 semester hours selected from the following list of regularly offered courses as well as special topic and Elon Core Curriculum classes. Students are strongly encouraged to study a Middle Eastern language and study abroad within the region. Up to 12 semester hours of study abroad courses that emphasize the Middle East may count for the minor, as approved by the program coordinator. No more than 12 semester hours of coursework may be chosen from one discipline. Students can count up to 12 semester hours of coursework toward minors in both Middle East and Jewish Studies. Students interested in pursuing further study of the region should consider an International Studies major with a Middle East regional concentration.

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