Global Education

Dean of Global Education and Assistant Professor: Woody Pelton

Assistant Dean of Global Education and Associate Professor: Matthew Buckmaster

Director of Study Abroad: Rhonda Waller 

Director of Study USA and Assistant Professor: Mark Dalhouse

The mission of the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center is to foster the development of an interculturally-competent and globally-aware campus community. Through its programs, the Global Education Center strives to prepare students for life in a rapidly changing global society within and beyond the borders of the United States. GBL courses are multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary experiences that provide students with the opportunity to actively engage with the world. GBL courses are designed to be experiential and include the necessary preparation, engagement with difference, and reflection to develop the habits of mind required to foster lifelong intercultural learning.

Global Education does not offer a major or minor. However, most of the courses fulfill a Core Curriculum requirement, and in some cases they support specific minors or majors. Consult the information provided for each course. GBL courses numbered 100-199 typically are 1 sh preparatory seminars offered in the fall semester as prerequisites to a corresponding 4 sh winter term study away course. GBL courses numbered 200-299 typically are taught off campus with application, acceptance, and additional travel fees required. Consult the Global Education Center's website for program goals, information on curricular proposals and the listing of offerings for the upcoming academic year.

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