This course examines civic responsibilities of citizens in times of natural disasters with a focus on Hurricane Katrina. In this context, students will learn about different aspects of disaster relief by studying related socioeconomic and political issues such as the role and function of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, as well as state and local governments. More importantly, students will be active, participating volunteers in a project that reflects the understanding of the idealism of human interconnectedness. Students will be able to compare and contrast the key terms such as service-learning, volunteerism, social justice, and civic engagement; provide specific examples to illustrate multiple ways that the mass media shaped our perception of hurricane Katrina. Students will travel to the gulf coast region to help in the rebuilding efforts and upon their return, will reflect through verbal and visual presentations on the impact and importance of civic engagement. 


4 sh

Course Types

Counts toward Civilization or Society requirement, and toward the Women and Gender Studies minor.


Additional fee is required (covers travel, lodging, food, organized tour of New Orleans).

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