Financial Assistance Not Based on Need

There is help available for students and families who do not qualify for need-based aid. This help is in the form of scholarships, grants, loans and work-study. Listed below are some of the opportunities available from Elon, state and federal governments and outside sources.

UCC Ministerial Discount

$2,000 per year ($1,000 per semester) is awarded to full-time students who are legal dependents of full-time ministers in the United Church of Christ. Documentation of eligibility is required annually.

Presidential Scholarships

Presidential Scholarships of $6,000 will be awarded to approximately the top 15 percent of first-year students entering the fall semester of 2015. The awards are based on high school course selection, grades, SAT/ACT scores and class rank, if available. No separate application is needed. Scholarships are automatically awarded to students who meet the necessary criteria when the completed admissions application is reviewed. All Presidential Scholarships are renewable for a total of four years pending acceptable academic performance.

The Elon Engagement Scholarship

Every first-year applicant is a candidate for a $4,500 Elon Engagement Scholarship, which is renewable annually. In addition, each recipient receives a one-time $2,000 grant to be used for an approved Elon Experience or project, which is designed by the student. Selection is based on high school academic record, standardized test scores and application essay. The Elon engagement Scholarship is renewable annually pending acceptable academic performance. This scholarship may not be combined with the Presidential Scholarship.

Engineering Scholarships

Incoming first-year students who plan to major in Elon’s dual-degree engineering program may compete for two $8,000 engineering scholarships awarded annually. A special application is required and must be postmarked by January 10. Selection is based on academic performance, letters of recommendation and an interview. Engineering scholarships are renewable annually and are awarded in addition to any Presidential Scholarship award already received. Contact the Office of Admissions for more information or an application. Application available online at

Fine Arts Scholarships

The Departments of Music and Performing Arts award scholarships to outstanding first-year students on the basis of audition. The scholarship amounts vary. Contact the Departments of Music and Performing Arts at 336-278-5600.

Athletic Scholarships

In compliance with NCAA Division I regulations, athletic scholarships are awarded by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics in each sport offered at Elon. The awards are based on performance, and the amount varies. Contact the Athletics Department at 336-278-6800.

Reserves Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC)

The U.S. Army and Air Force offer three- or four-year scholarships, which cover the costs of tuition and books. The scholarships are awarded according to merit, not financial need. The three-year scholarships begin paying sophomore year and students are responsible for all expenses the first year. Some scholarships have a tuition cap, which is below Elon University’s tuition. Students will be responsible for the difference in tuition costs. In addition, Elon provides ROTC scholarship recipients, who are living in campus-based housing and have a meal plan, with a room and board grant equivalent to the cost of a double room and the All Access +7 meal plan during the time the ROTC scholarship pays tuition.

For more information, contact your high school guidance counselor or local Army or Air Force recruiter.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Elon University participates in the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill Yellow Ribbon Program. Ten $4,500 Yellow Ribbon Scholarships are awarded to incoming first-year students based on the order of Veteran’s Administration Certifications received by the Office of the Registrar. When awarded, the Veteran’s Administration then matches with an additional $4,500 in scholarship. The eligible veteran must first register with the Veteran’s Administration for the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill and be deemed qualified for 100% benefits, and then contact the Office of Financial Planning to certify for the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Private Scholarships

Foundations, service clubs, churches and corporations give away millions of dollars in scholarships each year to worthy students. Many Elon students receive this type of scholarship help in addition to other types of help they may be receiving.

Students generally seek these scholarships on their own. A good place to start is by asking your high school guidance office about community and other scholarships with which they may be familiar. Then ask about the availability of scholarships at places where family members are employed and through any organizations to which family members belong. Finally, go to the public library for guidebooks to scholarships from foundations, corporations and government agencies, or search the Internet for information on scholarship sources.

Fellows Scholarships

Elon’s Fellows programs offer challenging academic and personal growth opportunities beyond the scope of the usual college experience — opportunities like travel grants, special courses, guaranteed internships or paid research assistantships. In addition, each of the Fellows programs offers scholarships to selected incoming Fellows. To be considered for one of these scholarships, students must apply and be admitted to the Fellows program. The scholarships are renewable for a total of four years provided that all program requirements are met. A student may apply for more than one Fellows program but will only be admitted to one program. In several Fellows programs, Fellows scholarships are awarded in addition to any Presidential Scholarship that has been received.

To receive more information and an application for the Fellows programs, contact The Office of Admissions or visit Applications must be postmarked by January 10. The admissions application must be submitted by the same date.

Honors Fellows Scholarships

Forty scholarships of $13,500 are awarded to first-year Honors Fellows each year.

Each year one outstanding incoming Honors Fellow will be named the Kenan Honors Fellow and receive a scholarship award covering full tuition. The Kenan Award replaces previously awarded merit scholarships. The Kenan Fellow will receive a one-time grant up to $3,000 for a study abroad experience as well as funding for one Pre-Orientation experience sponsored by the Office of Student Life for the summer before the freshman year.

Two Fellows from either the Honors or Elon College Program, who intend to major in the sciences and complete medical school, may compete for a $3,000 Baird Pre-Med Scholarship.

Elon College Fellows Scholarships

Fifty scholarships of $5,500 are awarded to incoming Fellows each year. All Elon College Fellows must major in the arts or humanities, social sciences or natural, mathematical or computational sciences. In addition, Elon College Fellows who intend to major in the sciences and complete medical school may compete for a $3,000 Baird Pre-Med Scholarship (See above).

Business Fellows Scholarships

Five scholarships of $5,500 and two scholarships of $5,000 are awarded to incoming Fellows each year. Business Fellows must major in either entrepreneurship, finance, international business, international economics, management, marketing, economics, international economics or accounting.

Communications Fellows Scholarships

Ten scholarships of $5,500 are awarded to Communications Fellows each year. Students must major in journalism or communications with an emphasis in either broadcast and new media, cinema, strategic communications or communications science.

Teaching Fellows Scholarships

Teaching Fellows awards are made to outstanding students who intend to pursue a career as educators. The Elon University Teaching Fellows scholarship is $5,500 annually, renewable for a total of four years. In addition, students participate in numerous special travel-learning experiences, including a semester in either London or Costa Rica. Twenty Teaching Fellows will be selected annually. Teaching Fellows recipients may retain the Presidential or Elon Engagement Scholarship if previously awarded.

Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows Scholarships

Five scholarships of $5,500 are awarded to first-year Leadership Fellows each year.

Campus Employment

Many Elon students pay for some of their university living expenses by working a part-time job, either on or off campus. The opportunities for campus employment at Elon are available both to students who qualify for need-based assistance and to students who do not. Both IWSP- and FWSP- eligible students are responsible for securing their own jobs. The Elon Job Network, managed and operated by the Student Professional Development Center, contains postings of jobs for both FWSP and IWSP positions. Through this system, students may search and apply for jobs on campus and with outside partnering agencies. All students have access to the EJN system, which is found on the SPDC website.

Students in part-time jobs gain valuable experience, learn time-management skills, build friendships with the office personnel and, in certain cases with the approval of the Director of Experiential Education, receive internship credit.

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