Course Load

Sixteen hours of university work per semester is considered the normal student load. Students who are on academic probation are limited to a maximum load of 14 semester hours in fall and spring semesters.

During the one-month Winter Term, four hours of university work is the normal course load for all students.

Maximum load for any one semester is as follows:

  • Fall and Spring Semesters: 18 semester hours
  • Winter Term: 4 semester hours
  • Summer Term I: 8 semester hours
  • Summer Term II: 4 semester hours

Any exception to this policy is the responsibility of the Registrar, located in Alamance 102.

To request an overload a student must meet with his/her academic advisor. If the advisor agrees that a student may enroll for more than the maximum load, a note is sent to the Registrar's Office in person by the student. Upon receiving confirmation, the Registrar will add the overload coursework.

A student whose cumulative GPA is less than 3.0 may not register for overload hours in any term.

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