Compensation for Internship Supervision


Elon University values experiential learning and desires that schools, departments, and programs provide students with internship opportunities that are of high quality. Maintaining an internship program which is exemplary requires that faculty have adequate time and resources to plan, implement and assess internship experiences and that faculty are fairly compensated and recognized for their work. The University acknowledges that variation in size, structure, and intent among schools, departments, and programs necessitates some flexibility in a faculty internship compensation policy.

Internships Supervised During Fall, Winter, and Spring Semesters

Course-Based Internships

Departments, schools and programs are encouraged to offer internships on a course-basis with the faculty sponsor compensated as part of his/her standard teaching load. Actual faculty load for course-based internships is generally determined using the following ranges of internship hours supervised.

10 – 23 hours of student internship = 1 faculty load hour

24 – 35 hours of student internship = 2 faculty load hours

36 – 47 hours of student internship = 3 faculty load hours

48 – 60 hours of student internship = 4 faculty load hour

Schools, departments, and programs using the course-based approach should pay close attention to the quality of the experience for the individual student. As a general rule, 12 students per course is the recommended upper limit for a single faculty supervisor to ensure high quality experiences for all students. Faculty supervising more than 12 students should consult with their Department Chairs to discuss their course and supervision methodology.

Individual Intern Basis: Compensation by Overload Pay

Internships may be offered on an individual basis with a faculty member receiving compensation above his or her annual contracted salary, particularly in situations where the number of student intern credit hours is low. The amount of compensation will be computed as overload pay when internship supervision causes a faculty member’s annual load to exceed the standard load. Overload pay is calculated using current overload pay rates and the formula of 10 hours of student internship equals one faculty load hour. Faculty should supervise no more than 20 student intern credit hours (or 5 students) in any given semester. During winter term, faculty should supervise no more than 12 student intern credit hours (or three students) if they are also teaching a course. Faculty will receive overload pay in the spring semester for all internship hours supervised as overload during the academic year.

Individual Intern Basis: Multiple Semester Carryover of Load Credit Compensation by Course Release

When internships are offered on an individual basis, faculty may elect to accrue internship supervision hours for a future course release. The course release is determined using the formula of 10 student internship hours equals one faculty load hour. Faculty may bank intern credit hours over a two-year period; if they have not accumulated sufficient credit hours for a course release in the second year, they will be compensated with overload pay. Faculty should work with their Department Chairs in determining the appropriate time for the course release.

Internship Coordinator

In schools with an internship coordinator, faculty members are not compensated for internship supervision.

Internships Supervised During Summer Semesters

Faculty who supervise internships in the summer semesters are compensated by pay for all internship hours according to the ratio of 10 student internship hours equals one faculty load hour applied to the standard formula for determining summer school compensation.

Procedures for Record Keeping

  1. Faculty supervising individual internships must inform their Department Chairs of their intentions to seek annual overload pay or to accrue hours for course release.
  2. Faculty supervising individual internships should document their hours.
  3. Faculty seeking annual overload pay for internship supervision must submit a report of annual internship hours to their Department Chairs by the first day of classes in the spring semester so that overload may be applied to the spring salary.
  4. Faculty seeking a course release for internship supervision must submit a report of their supervision hours to their Department Chairs and work with their Department Chairs to arrange the future course release.
  5. Department Chairs must verify faculty internship hours and make faculty aware of the compensation policy and procedures.
  6. Department Chairs must submit projected overload and course release information to the Dean in a timely fashion to permit salary, schedule, and hiring adjustments.

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