Section 7. Academic Technology and Computing Committee


For procedures, policies, and the names of current members, refer to Academic Technology and Computing Committee Section.


  • Assistant Vice President for Technology/CIO
  • Dean and University Librarian or designee, without vote
  • Faculty Fellow for Technology, without vote
  • Seven faculty members: three from the College of Arts and Sciences (one from each division) and one each from Love School of Business, School of Communications, School of Education, and School of Health Sciences. Each member will serve a three-year term. To ensure membership continuity, membership is staggered in a three-year cycle:

Year One

    • One member from the division of Fine Arts and Humanities
    • One member from the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business
    • One member from the School of Health Sciences

Year Two

    • One member from the division of Social Sciences
    • One member from the School of Communications

Year Three

    • One member from the division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
    • One member from the School of Education

Further, the committee membership will annually elect a Chair-Elect from the first-year members at the final meeting. The Chair-Elect will assist the chair during the second year of service and then assume the responsibilities of Chairperson in the third year.

  • Two student members appointed annually
  • Faculty of the Law School are excluded from service on this committee.


  • To make recommendations regarding improvement, extension, and development of the services and facilities provided to make computational and multimedia technologies available for academic use
  • To report to the faculty regarding the level of provision of educational technology to the academic community both in absolute terms and in comparative terms relative to other institutions
  • To serve as a liaison committee between the faculty, the students, and Instructional and Campus Technologies. The committee should also discuss administrative matters pertaining to the provision of suitable technological support of the academic function.

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