A Unique Modular Curriculum

The DPT program’s unique modular curriculum is designed to integrate and coordinate courses and modules in a sequence that enhances learning. Students in the program have the opportunity to practice specific learning objectives in a variety of clinical practice settings. The program emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and self-evaluation on the part of the graduate and stresses excellence in clinical skills, compassionate care and leadership in the profession.

The Elon DPT program entails 36 months of full-time study. Didactic education (which includes classroom and laboratories to practice procedures on classmates and clients) with integrated clinical education assignments in a variety of clinical settings occurs throughout the three years.

Year I (beginning January)

Year I consists of a four-week module followed by two 12-week didactic education periods. After a two- to four-week summer break, DPT students return for an 18-week module (including one weeklong break) focused on clients with musculoskeletal problems.

Year II

In Year II, an eight-week clinical education phase is followed by a 16-week module focused on neurosciences and clients with neuromuscular problems. Clinical Practicum II (eight weeks) and Clinical Practicum III (eight weeks) follow. Students return to campus to begin Module IX.

Year III

In Year III, students complete the 15-week Module IX (including three weeklong breaks). During Modules X and XI, students focus on patients with complex problems, as well as the pediatric and geriatric client. Students will learn principles of administration and supervision. During Module XII (six weeks), students participate in clinical practice selective courses preparing them for the 24-week internship.

DPT students return to campus for Module XIV, one week of electives and the graduation ceremony in December.

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