DPT 804 Advanced Clinical Practice Selective Tracks

Advanced study in selected topic areas including the broad spectrum of primary clinical practice settings. Generally, students focus on one of three areas: musculoskeletal, neuromuscular or research. Topics included may vary from year to year. Emphasis will be on advanced clinical or research skills to prepare students for today's demanding health-care environment. Goal is to prepare students for a six-month internship. 

In lieu of advanced study in one of three areas, selected student(s) may request an independent study in physical therapy. Request to be generated by student through a faculty sponsor. Requires advanced approval (by the end of Year II of the DPT curriculum) of the Department of Physical Therapy Education faculty. 

Student contact time per selective will be 144 hours (six weeks x 24 hours per week with much of the course taught in a mock clinical setting with patients/clients present). 


12 sh


Unsatisfactory course grade - Remediation during Module XIII (Internship). WILL DELAY DPT 805 Internship. WILL DELAY GRADUATION from the program.

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