Letter from Dr. Leo Lambert, President

Welcome to Elon, an academic community focused on preparing leaders our world needs. You are a citizen of a dynamic and global university where academic programs across every undergraduate major are constructed upon the enduring foundation of the arts and sciences for the 21st century. You will receive an education here that will prepare you to write, to think critically, to analyze, and to express yourself thoughtfully.

At Elon, we value the idea of students engaging deeply in mentoring relationships with faculty, in research and writing, and in a range of academic studies. We expect you to make learning and reflection, developing intellectually, connecting knowledge and experience, and upholding the Elon honor code your primary purpose here. Through high impact practices of global study, undergraduate research, internships, service learning, and leadership, you will be pushed to tackle challenging problems related to local and global issues. 

Through your education here, we hope that you will gain a greater respect for human differences, a passion for a life of learning, a global perspective, and a strong ethic of work and service. Elon faculty and staff are dedicated to knowing you personally and helping you to develop these qualities. We are confident that you will make connections here that will last a lifetime and that you will always remain connected to Elon and committed to making a difference in communities around the world.


Leo M. Lambert


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