Adventure, Health, and Physical Education B.S.

The Adventure, Health and Physical Education major prepares graduates to assume leadership roles associated with development, implementation, and administration of programs in physical education, health and adventure based learning. In addition, graduates will have the foundation necessary to pursue advanced training, certifications, and graduate degrees.  The Department of Education and Wellness offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Adventure, Health & Physical Education with concentrations in Physical Education & Health or Adventure Based Learning.  The Physical Education and Health concentration has two focuses and the Adventure Based Learning concentration has three focuses.

Physical Education & Health Teacher Licensure Concentration (with teacher licensure)

This concentration is for students who wish to teach in elementary, middle or high school programs. Students will become engaged through a program specifically designed to prepare prospective K-12 teachers to be active, knowledgeable and effective professionals. This program provides experiences through which teacher candidates are able to effectively apply scientific knowledge and theory in school settings that impact the health and wellness of all students.  Students electing teacher licensure (K-12) will be eligible for credentials in both physical and health education. Teaching credentials for the public schools are conferred by the respective state department of public instruction in which the student applies for teacher licensure.

Physical Education & Health Concentration (without teacher licensure)

This concentration is for students who are interested in professions in physical activity and health related fields, but are not interested in K-12 school teaching. Therefore, they will not be eligible for teaching licensure. This option will prepare students to pursue employment in roles such as wellness coordinators, coaches, and other positions in the health and fitness industry.  Depending on area of expertise and skills, examples of jobs are: Sports and Wellness Director; Sports Coach; Personal Trainer; Recreation Director; Health, Wellness and Fitness Coach, Youth Sports Program Coordinator; Wellness Program Coordinator; and Sports Trainer. Students are encouraged to discuss with their advisor appropriate elective courses to best prepare for the type of employment they wish to pursue.

Options in Adventure Based Learning:

“Adventure Based Learning (ABL), was defined by Cosgriff (2000) as “the deliberate use of sequenced adventure activities - particularly games, trust activities and problem solving initiatives – for the personal and social development of participants” (p. 90). ABL utilizes group initiatives, low and high challenge course elements and many other activities to facilitate team building, problem solving, trust and communication. The experience allows the individual and team to approach physical, social, mental and emotional challenges in a safe and secure setting. The program uses these activities as a tool to develop different aspects of the individual and the group.” 

Students can select from three different concentrations: Learning and Leadership focus; Environmental focus; or Intra/Interpersonal focus. Depending on area of expertise and skills, examples of jobs are: Recreation Facility Superintendent, Recreation Leader, Adventure Guide, Parks & Recreation Director, Park Ranger, Interpreter/Naturalist, Recreation Specialist, Adventure Programs, Outdoor Recreation Coordinator, Ropes Course Leader, Group Facilitator, Team Building Specialist, Experiential Educator, Outdoor Adventure Leader, Adventure Course Manager, Teacher, Wilderness Therapy Field Instructor, and Field Instructor. Professionals plan, organize, and implement programs in local recreation and park areas, camps, state and national parks, religious organizations, community centers, theme parks, and tourist attractions. Adventure based learning professionals also are found in workplaces where they organize and implement activities for employees.

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