This course focuses on the environmental issues facing the island nations and the mainland countries of Southeast Asia. The major environmental problems in this region of the world include deforestation, soil erosion, habitat destruction, habitat fragmentation, water pollution from mineral extraction and industry, unsustainable harvesting practices and rising rates of disease. These issues will be examined in the context of climate, topography, vegetation, societal evolution and human history. Emphasis will be placed on the demographic, cultural, political, religious, economic and ecological reasons for the current state of the environment of Southeast Asia. Practical solutions to reduce environmental degradation and promote sustainable development will be examined. This course is writing intensive. Open to students in the third or fourth year of study. Counts toward the Asian Studies minor. Counts toward the Environmental Studies major and the International Studies major (Asian regional concentration) for students who are not counting it as their COR capstone.


4 sh

Course Types

Core Interdisciplinary Seminar; Asian Studies Elective; IGS: Asia Regional Concentration

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