In Inferno, Dante Alighieri constructs the afterlife and confronts complex local, regional, and “global” issues. From Florentine government to Italian unification, Dante treats politics. From corruption in the Papacy to doctrinal consideration of Islam, Dante treats religion. From the minutiae of embryology to the architecture of the universe, Dante treats the meaning of life. He challenges readers to think about and explain – with unsurpassed eloquence, intellect, and clarity – problems from the local to the universal context. The videogame Dante’s Inferno reflects many facets from the literary work. The course will challenge students to compare and contrast the sacred journey of a medieval pilgrim with the profane quest of a scythe-wielding soul slayer of the digital age. Student research will investigate: medieval Italian literature and history; traditional literature versus video game narratives; the role of video games in education. For the Elon Core Curriculum Capstone Project, students will create a detailed proposal for an original video game in which they reflect on the course findings, their respective disciplines, and the Elon experience.


4 sh

Course Types

Core Interdisciplinary Seminar


This course is writing intensive. Open to students in the third or fourth year of study.

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