Worldwide, the majority of people live in cities, and that number continues to grow.  Urban systems have an impact on the water balance, climate, coexistence of species, air, food systems and resources, profoundly altering ecological processes and structure.  These changes also alter the ecological services that support human life. In this course, we will take an applied scientific approach to learn how environmental management can mitigate these effects, thus improving human ecological support systems in urban and developing environments.  The primary goal is to understand ecological processes, biological communities, and ecosystem services as they are affected by urbanization.  Emphasis will be placed on building an understanding of how these effects could be managed through planning with a goal of fostering sustainable ecological systems in urban settings. This class includes a required co-requisite lab component.  Prerequisite:  ENS 111/113 or permission of the department chair.  This course satisfies the laboratory science requirement of the Elon Core Curriculum program. Offered winter.


4 sh

Course Types

Science; Laboratory; Advanced Studies


Offered winter of odd years.

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