This course analyzes political development and international relations in South Asia, with a focus on India and Pakistan, from the late colonial period to the present day. It seeks to understand the foundations and evolution of democracy in India, the challenges that democracy has confronted in Pakistan, and the roots of the longstanding rivalry between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. The course also considers the legacies of colonialism and Partition for state formation and political development in other South Asian states, especially Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The course is offered in alternating years as "travel embedded" (GBL 362) and non-travel versions (POL 362). Students who opt to take the travel embedded version of this course may count GBL 362 as an elective to count toward the 24 additional hours required for the Political Science Major.


4 sh

Course Types

Advanced Studies; IGS: Asia Regional Concentration; Non-Violence Studies Elective; Peace & Conflict Studies Elective; Asian Studies Elective; International Business, Regional Area Course


Offered spring.

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